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Inspector Representative Opportunities

In A Great Home-Based Business

How To Become A Field Inspection Representative Information and Training Guide eBook. http://www.home-based-business-reps.com

How To Be An Inspection Representative - Training - Home Based Business!

A great Work At Home Based Business and Inspector Representative Opportunities!


Companies who require inspections on specific type properties and assets contract individual Inspectors and or businesses nationwide.

There are varieties of inspections for distinct objectives.

Such as Loans For;

1) Home Improvements
2) Automobile or Trailer Purchases
3) First Time Home Buyers
4) Business Equipment Leasing
5) Delinquent Interviews
6) Business and Merchant Verifications

And many more ….

A contractor has an opportunity to ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ any type of assignments offered.

There are some companies offering certain type evaluations and inspections reporting, which are entered online using easy input forms.

However, many inspections require completion in physical documentation.

These documents are normally fill-in-forms as well and are then faxed, mailed or packaged for delivery to your assigning company.

Contractors or contracting businesses then invoice for the inspections performed, including recorded data for reimbursements on expenses and mileage.

Companies pay inspectors in various methods upon completion and invoicing, yet within a reasonable period; for the reason that their work performance is of great value.

You can learn a great deal more on the facts and inside information for one of the best home-based businesses available that is Legitimate, Honest, no sales and with good income to earn.

Whether you want to learn or simply know more about

01 - drive-by inspections
02 - field service inspection companies
03 - field service inspector assignments
04 - field service representative training
05 - home based photo inspection business
06 - field representative
07 - how to become a drive-by home field inspector
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11 - and other opportunities

You can get your information and training guide ebook instantaneously downloaded to your computer that provides you with the informative details and guidance!

You will always be able to contact me, belong to groups and contact mentors including professionals in this industry who will assist you in your future success as a FIELD REP.

Contact me at http://www.home-based-business-reps.com

Below are only a few ad samples for opportunities available in many different local cities, counties and states:


Field Service Reps Are Needed for Drive-By Inspections and Delinquency Interviews

We seek representatives in your local area who will drive by our property and service delinquency interviews.

We are a company with needs in different US local states and cities.

We are looking for detailed oriented persons who will complete fill-in assignment reports for a compensation of $25.00 each visit.

We have many assignments available for reliable and responsible individuals who act as self-contractors that reliable and insured transportation including a Valid Driver's License.

Requirements are;

No experience is required.

You must have a camera and computer. and access to the Internet.


We are a nationwide company who requires Business and Equipment Inspections in your local area.

Pay is good and above our competitors. We also include expense reimbursements.

We have many assignments available for reliable contractors.

Qualifications are minimal but you must take photos.


Vehicle Inspections with verification of VIN.

We need reliable individuals who can complete assignments within 48 hours and return reports with a minimum of 5 photos of the vehicle inside and out.

These assignments will pay $50 plus your expenses.


RUSH JOB for Equipment Verification Inspection.

An appointment is required with the owner to obtain a vehicle serial number and verification of the location and business.

You must complete and return a minimum of 8 photos of the business and vehicle.

This assignment Pays $60 plus expenses.

For a very small investment you can obtain all the information
including the names and addresses with phone numbers of companies
who are searching for Field Representatives in your area.

A small investment for an eBook is the entrance into the one of the best
legitimate home based businesses.


Immediate openings for Field Rep Inspectors.

Inspectors who will work within a 50 mile radius and sometimes more are needed immediately.

We can offer high volumes of inspection assignments which increases an inspector's income.

Requirements are:

1) Dependable transportation
2) Digital camera
3) Computer
4) Internet access and email address
5) Microsoft Word and Excel or compatible
6) Experience is not required.

Fees range from $12 and up with high volume of assignments. Please respond as soon as possible.

These assignments are Legitimate, Honest, and require no sales. The assignments can provide a great part-time or full-time income to earn high pay.

There are many companies who need reliable service inspection representatives to drive-by their properties.

Fees range from $7 (when high volume assignments exist); plus expenses and more fees paid for photographs.

An average pay for assignments can return an income of $25 to $30 plus expenses.

If you accept 3 assignments per day, you can easily earn $75+.

Drive-By Assignments require less than 5 minutes and then reports another 10 to 15 minutes (less as they are simply fill-in reporting).

Real Estate Brokers actually complete these type of assignments to supplement their income. Appraisers will also accept assignments that earn extra income.

There are many reasons to be in this type home based business. However, one of the best reasons is that you can grow into many other type inspections that pay $100+ per assignment.

You can learn various type auditing and reporting inspections for many different types of businesses.

I know of no other business that a person with no experience can start which has very low upfront cost requirements; yet can earn a very high income over time.

You owe it to yourself to find out more about this business if it interests you just a little.

Check out Information and Training Ebook Guide for a very small
investment and you will not regret it.

You can contact me if you have questions as I am always pleased to provide my assistance.

Kindest Regards, B. Robert

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